Suspect You Have Mold Growing in Your Damp Basement?

Effective Tips on How to Hire a Professional Mold Inspection Service

The initial contact, this will be when you will find out how open the inspector is when it comes to taking their time to understand all of your concerns with regards to a

mold inspection


Ask the inspector if they are willing to discuss your problem over the phone, in addition to answering any questions before you book an inspection. This gives you the opportunity to find out how well they communicate with you. Effective communication skills are important for every reputable mold inspector, in order for homeowners to fully understand any problems and implications that may result from a

mold inspection



Even in today’s modern age of technology, the mold and remediation industry is still quite unregulated. With most cases, a handyman can be used to perform an inspection for mold. Some management companies do this in order to save on their costs, hoping that their hired handyman will be able to repair any building related issues. However, mold inspections do call for proper training. So make sure you find out what their level of training is, and if they have all the right certifications to know exactly what they are looking for. Ask when they took their training course and where it was done at. Just like contractors, not every school is the same, there are some good and bad ones, which is why it is so important to research this thoroughly beforehand.


Does the inspector belong to any accredited association, and adhere

to a Standard of practice, also, what is their code of ethics? Professional associations are in place to help inspectors be the best they can, which is done via continuous support and training. When a professional inspector belongs to one, this is a sure sign they pay attention to their training and education in order to be able to serve their clients the best way that they can.

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